Take Control of Your Life... Quickly and Easily

If you’re reading this there is probably something in your life that isn’t working the way you want. Are you ready to make a change but you worry that it’s going to be difficult? Change doesn't have to be hard. Hypnosis can help create the rapid, lasting change that you’re looking for.

Change doesn't have to be hard

Hypnosis is great for changing habits. Whether it's smoking, nail biting, procrastination or a different habit, hypnosis can help you let go of that habit and replace it with one that works for you.

Relax your mind

Getting a massage is great for relaxing the body. Hypnosis can you help relax your mind. If you have a hard time letting go of that mental to-do list, hypnosis can help your mind get the break that it needs.

Break free from old patterns

 Do you feel stuck in the same old story? Patterns and beliefs that are created when we are children may no longer serve us as adults. If your stories are holding you back, it's time to let them go and write a new chapter.

Crush your goals

Need more motivation? Being held back by a fear? Imposter syndrome creating doubt? Hypnosis can help with any of these blocks to achieving your goals. It's also great for goal setting!

Move beyond yo-yo dieting 

Have you tried everything to lose weight? It feels great to lose weight but putting it right back on is frustrating. Break that pattern and let the weight go for good.

Trouble sleeping?

Good sleep is so important to our wellbeing. Research shows that disrupted sleep can lead to a variety of issues with our physical and mental health. If your sleep needs a boost you have come to the right place!

I'm thrilled I decided to work with Christopher. I came to see him for help in two areas of my life. The first combined weight loss and elimination of sugar cravings, which of course enhanced my health. The second involved a problem that was hard to resolve, which was working through my fear of success. Christopher really understood my needs, and he was clearly very interested in helping me achieve my goals.

Jan B.