Now is the time for you to quit smoking!

Quitting smoking can feel impossible. I know from personal experience how frustrating it can be. As a kid, I remember my dad lighting up a cigarette on road trips. I remember being seated in the smoking section at restaurants. And I remember him trying over and over to quit. He tried going cold turkey. He tried the gum. He probably tried other things I don't remember. And then he went to a hypnotist. That was the last time he smoked and it's been about 30 years now.

Hypnosis to quit smoking | Christopher Leier

Hypnosis is actually a great way to quit smoking. There have been many academic studies about hypnosis for smoking cessation. These studies have found success rates as high as 90-96%. to give you a comparison, similar studies have found that the patches, the gums, the pills, and similar interventions usually have a 10-20% success rate. And some of those can have nasty side effects.

When you work with me I use a variety of advanced hypnotic techniques that will address the subconscious connections that smoking has in your life. I will give you tools that prevent cravings. And I offer lifetime support. That means if you start smoking again, if you're having cravings, you can call me up and schedule another session at no cost. How can I offer this? Because most clients won't ever need to make that call. I provide that level of support so you can be confident that if you ever need the support, you can get it.

For the cost of a couple months of cigarettes you can be smoke-free for life. Click the button below, watch the video on the next page, and then schedule a time for us to meet and learn how smoking can be a thing of the past, quickly and easily.